Sunday, July 30


This is the other needle case - lovely isn't it? Click to enlarge.

I'd like to have a new fish pond made (professionally) as our exsisting one is an eyesore, and will need money spending on it if the fish are going to have any future. We have just spent the last hour or so trying to clean it out - half arsed of course.

Everything in this house needs money spending on it...................

Over a cappuccino in Costa Coffee, Chichester this morning my husband and I hatched a plan for another bookcase - a reduntant door will get bricked up in the hall, and on the other side we plan a resessed bookcase - I think it will be great, as we still have books in boxes from the move last October.

Huxley, one of next door's cats is very poorly - he has a snotty nose! He's such a sweetie, I'd hate it if anything bad happened to him.............

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