Monday, July 17

The Secrets of Charm

I should be topping and tailing half a ton of gooseberries for my husbands cobbler, but instead have spend the afternoon watching A Canterbury Tale (I think my favorite film) and being morose.
The film didn't help, from the moment the bird changes into the plane right at the beginning I started to cry, and then pretty much throughout the film, but don't let that put you off giving it ago- wonderful, wonderful film.

Stellagave me her last Psychologies magazine, which is always fairly interesting, although I have a number of issues with it (always has to have a pretty actress on the cover for starters) and there was an article about How to Make People Like You - well I'm not really sure why I read it as I'm not bothered either way with 95% of the population, but I read it anyway. Which got me thinking about the qualities I want myself and admire in others-

  • sincerity
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • a willingness to want to help because you can
  • kindness
  • generosity

I hate the concept of networking, making friends with people to get something, but I fear it's everywhere now a days. I can often tell when I'm being recruited by someone, all over me like a rash, then nothing for weeks, months even, then full on again. Makes me very sad that there are so many people that will never experience true friendship, or genuine affection for another human being without having an agenda.

Going back to the article, it basically said people like positive things, so being upbeat and happy, not criticizing is the way to go - to me this seems like living in lala land.

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