Friday, September 22

The Mourning Caribou

These photos were taken at the Newfoundland Memorial Park.
The Ist Battalion of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment made their attack across the area in the second photo. It lasted less than one hour; every officer who went forward was either killed or wounded. Of the 801 that went into action, only sixty-eight members of the regiment were unwounded, one of the highest casualty counts for any regiment unit on July 1st.

A rare glimpse of moi - slighty out of focus.......


  1. It is the same place I was thinking of, thanks for confirming it. I remember there was the stump of a tree remaining at the point where they'd managed to cut the wires, so that was where most of the men had died.
    I'd love to go back and explore some more, but I'd need to go with a tour guide. I know very little about that part of history, I went as an English Literature student.

  2. Celeste you wouldn't want to go on a guided tour - they're all old, and there is usually a real old bore that won't leave you alone - all you need is a is a Major and Mrs Holt's battlefield Guide, a GB sticker for the car and some sensible shoes. Plus if you go via Euro Tunnel stop off at Cite Europe on the way back - it's great!

  3. I'd never thought of looking for guide books. I'll make a note of them. Maybe next year...
    I've not been on a guided tour for that exact reason. Travelling around with old people is work for me, not a holiday. :)


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