Friday, October 27

as a Mill Pond

Beautiful morning.
The sea was so calm.

The man in the photo is digging for lug worms. I can remember my brother going down the beach with his friends to dig for them, and if memory serves me correctly used to sell them to the tackle shop on the river - where he used to buy maggots...but I will save childhood traumas for another time.....
I do have a sewing project planned for today and if I start - and finish them I shall post the results.
I have so many jobs in the house I'm not sure where to start.
May paint a stool. Obviously a priority.

Egg cosy in progress.
For all you cat lovers there is prototype, but it is currently having a face transplant.
My other crafty project that I started didn't end particularly well. Less said the better.


  1. you do make me smile lynn...random pieces of furniture to paint stikes a chord! my husband rolls his eyes when i get out the eggshell :)

    your wip is looking good. can't wait to see the cat version!

    lovely sea. x

  2. The cat version - still some tweaking needed......

    I think it's good to start with say a stool - random is good - better than nothing at all.
    A stool can inspire!


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