Thursday, March 29

All Go

As I write this I have men everywhere
I do enjoy action, although having a new water supply fitted at my expense has dampened any pleasure I would have got from brand new water pipes. As a slightly pathetic gesture I have said I will give up bottled water to try and claw back some of the expense – we might break even just before I leave this mortal coil.
I have finally got my husband to agree to a professional decorator to paint the hall and landing – he came over this morning to price up the job – light at the end of the decorating tunnel. I’ve chosen Matchstick from Farrow and Ball – pretty neutral but I think a good foil for all my injections of colour that will be everywhere else
A few photos of the chaos – Harry is having the vapours by the way

The new pipe going in

Another hole - the old supply route

New entry under the stairs.


  1. Is that your tester patches? We have Farrow & Ball in most of the house but I have never quite got it together with their sample card.

    I pick a colour, order a sample pot, find it looks completely different from the shade card and then - decide to go with it anyway.

    I like the way that the light bounces off their paint, but I must say that the Dead flat oil is a devil to keep clean with kids and animals in the house.

    When we moved here - to a 1980s nicotine stained bungalow with swirly carpets - we had a £400 renovation budget which we spent entirely on paint. The floors are still painted chipboard 4 years on!

  2. Best of luck with all the work going on at your house! I love it when hubby agrees to have necessary jobs done around the house, but the mess and noise always rattle my nerves in the end. =)

  3. That is indeed a large splodge of F&B on the raw platered walls. I have about 30 to 40 tester pots in my garage.
    There is an awful lot I don't like about F&B as a company, but they make such good paint and I love the subtly of their colours.
    Louise, yes it is nice when husband's aggree (to anything really) to have work done. I don't mind mess and chaos, I rather like it actually:)


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