Thursday, March 8

No Tips

I'm bored with housework.

As the bread pudding has just come out of the oven I thought I'd show you - not to be confused with bread and butter pudding which is completely different.

The thing about bread pudding is everyone who makes it will have a slightly different recipe - well you don't really need a recipe; it's a personal evolution.

Today for instance I have included peel; very controversial to a bread pudding traditionalist.....

and butter, normally I would use beef suet.


  1. I'm not very fond of beans, except in the occasional pot of chili, but I do love Boston baked beans! Hubby sells many kinds of beans at the shop and is always taking some home for me to try, but alas, they collect in my cupboard. However, bread pudding is my absolute favorite dessert of all time! Served nice and warm with a dollup of cream!

  2. This post reminded me so much of my wonderful Nana xx
    She used to make the best Bread Pudding - neighbours would call round on baking day - just by chance you understand!!!
    It is so filling but so tasty.
    Thank you for the memory today xx
    Have a great weekend.
    Tracy x

  3. me too! bored silly with housework! let the grit and grime take over for all I care anymore! ok never tried the bread pud but ...I think I should:)

  4. Now you have made me really hungry..your bread pudding looks delicious.


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