Thursday, May 17

Outside Plans

Our garden isn’t currently our focus. I hate saying that but it’s true – the grass is mown and bind weed attacked periodically, but that’s about it – however flowers still appear and both delight and surprise me.

Plans are afoot and several garden design books have been purchased.
My favourite garden designers are Bunny Guinness and John Brookes.

When Stella had her conservatory built she very kindly gave me her pergola that became redundant. It’s been cut to size and once I can decide what colour to paint it, it can be erected. My short list of colour is Down Pipe or Light Blue both Farrow and Ball. Because my garden is so small I don’t want to have too much colour by way of paint. Ideally I love the look of faded oak but as the pergola is currently green whatever I use will have to be an opaque colour.
As anyone get any suggestions of an outside colour?
Despite being a stone’s throw from the beach I don’t want my garden to have a ‘beachy’ theme.


  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    There's me thinking you meant a real down pipe! Bless... ;)

  2. Mirabel Osler, the garden writer, uses emulsion paints on her outdoor pergolas etc. and says it gives a softer finish. Perhaps it would work over green stain to give a subtle finish, like verdigris. Or perhaps not
    That said, F & B exterior paint is good and durable.

  3. I have used F&B exterior eggshell before and will use it for the pergola - I have an abundance of off black so I suspect I will use that, although I like down pipe.
    I am going to google Mirabel Osler now:)


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