Wednesday, May 9

Paint, Cakes and Cabinets

It’s gone all cold and wet – the remnants of the Bank Holiday weather, but as far as I’m concerned the sun is shining as I have a painter in the hall – painting!
I have had raw plaster for so long I’ve sort of got used to it, but even the diluted first coat is brightening the whole house up.
I will post some before; during and after shots in due course so today here are some cherry and coconut rock cakes I’ve just made….

Even in their uncooked state they were very attractive

As rock cakes are really an economical cake I have used a 50/50 butter margarine mix - if you use marg for economy even just adding a small percentage of butter will enrich the taste.

Last Saturday Stella’s brother was here with his power tools working his magic with wood, guttering and stuff – he put this beautiful little cabinet up

He actually made it and Stella painted it and somehow I’ve ended up with it. It’s perfect for storing all my vitamins and herbal medicine so when you enter the kitchen it doesn’t look like inside a chemist’s dispensary


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    What a fab cabinet! The painting is amazing - it's like Portmeirion.

    I have been enjoying reading your blog for a few weeks now!


  2. Hello Annie:)
    Glad you are enjoying Gigibird.
    Hopefully there will be a few crafty things coming up soon and of course some before and after photos of the hall.

  3. How lovely is that cupboard! What talented friends you have

  4. That little cupboard is absolutely gorgeous. And the rock cakes look rather yummy too. Make me think of school cookery class!

  5. Isn't it lovely to have talented (and generous) friends?



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