Friday, June 15

A Planned Outing.

Two adventures in one week – steady on Lynn!
Yesterday my coeval twin Stella and I went to Brighton. We did have a mission to find glamour (for Stella) and over the day sexy sparkly things were purchased.
Now there are no doubt some of you would love nothing better than to try on one glamorous revealing evening dress after another, and slip your pretty feet into delicate, high heeled sandals and sling backs but for Stella who is a jeans and flats girl through and through it was tough. Despite us both being in unfamiliar territory we had a great time and much laughter was had. It’s funny, I can pick out things for Stella but I’m all at sea for myself.

Couldn't resist a quick flower fix while treading the streets of Brighton.
Anyway we found ourselves in Primark. I’m not going to defend the place – it’s full of cheap – everything, but I am very discriminating when I shop there – I bought 2 things, a tunic top ( the same style that the late Hattie Jacques used to wear!!) and a very sweet cardigan.

Eric? Do you like my new top?
I also bought a very expensive T shirt from Jigsaw. They over wrap things there – it’s in 2 bags and tissue paper; they even put the receipt in a little envelope. I should have stopped the assistant but I was tired and to be quite honest I was quite seduced by all the packaging and I will re-use it. And now and again I think you can have a day off from trying to save the planet.

Pass the parcel with Jigsaw.


  1. I went shopping with my Mum on Wednesday to find her an outfit to wear to my brother's wedding.

    It was very stressful - she obviously had a vision in her head and nothing in the shops fitted it. Things were to short, too long, not "weddingy", white (too bridey), neutral (bride's mother is wearing beige), purple (bridesmaids, black or red (can't wear either to a wedding seemingly). We eventually got her a pink dress in Jaegar - by that time she had stopped looking at the price ticket.

    I bought a dress in East - and like your t-shirt it was wrapped in tissue with little stickers and then put in a big glossy bag. I loved it. I am a hypocrite. I shall reuse the bag as something.

    I wrap in my shop - it is all treesaver but it is still wrapping and I tie things up with my personalised ribbon. I love it. I am a hypocrite.


  2. O'h how funny, i have quite literally just stopped for a coffee after spending the last hour altering and personalizing a primark (pre-marche) as we like to call it, Hattie Jaques dress, i think they are great and in my case as i am a two stone over weight heffer at the moment they hide a mulititude, i would rather buy cheapy-cheap ones and alter at the moment as i am sure when i start to use my Vicky Entwisstle (Janice Battersby) dvd the weight will surely drop off, they will then find themselves heading towards Oxfam and Save The Children, so my guilt is only marginal..although i bought on this week for £5 in dare i say New Look and when i have finished with it i will use it to line a couple of bags, i kid you not it looks like a 1950's print that Raoul Dufy has had a hand in designing, speak soon Sx

  3. Oh Jane the thought of clothes shopping with my own mother sends shivers down my spin! Well done you for taking on the challenge – good old Jaeger
    We’re only human! So there will always be compromises betwixt real life and environmental purity. I don’t expect a bit of tissue paper here and there is the cause for global warming – and as for your flowers, I’m sure you want them to look as lovely as possible- and hopefully the ribbon and paper will be re-used.
    Stephne – you name dropper- first it was Brian Sewell, now Raul Dufy I am impressed – you probably know that Dufy did design dress fabric and all his dresses have his signature on them – if you found one in a charity shop…. Mr Mortgage would definitely be a thing of the past.
    I also will have to take Hattie to the sewing machine – in my case I need to shorten by 4 ½ inches and remove the belt loops but as it only cost £6.00 (reduced from £10 – top of the range) if I cock it up then it will have a new life as a bag lining.
    I am working on my impression of the late great HJ

  4. I forbid you to 'cock up' the HJ dress, it's too nice:)

  5. i shall be heading straight to Primark on my return to bonny england...

    was Brighton just lovely and full of visual treats? i imagine it in my little brain to be rather nice to browse around..i have been once about 14 years ago and my brain doesn't retain information anymore..

  6. Stella – I am hoping that my sewing head will be put on and it will be alteration central this weekend.
    Poor Tif has your brain turned to mush?
    I am sure you and your family would love Brighton; it has something for everyone; edgy arty parts, and a mainstream bulk standard shopping centre as well as beautiful buildings and a real mix of people.

  7. I know that flower shop! It's in Ship Street! Really miss Brighton as we don't really have shops here! No really, we don't!
    Love your buys Lynn!

  8. glad you had a fun day out. brighton is so cousin lives there...maybe we could do a bloggy meet up one day?

    i know what you mean about finding things for other people but not yourself...i'm just like that. it's not v friendly but i normally buy best for myself when i go out alone :( i love your primark bargain. i have a thing buying the odd bit from there + doing some re-working on the sewing machine.

    pink tissue paper from jigsaw? i have quite a bit of that in my re-use box...along with leopard print whistles + teal noa noa tissue...i delight in having that extra special stuff but they can keep the receipt envelopes thank you very much!

    have a great weekend dressing up in your new clothes! xxx

  9. What do you mean you don’t have shops?? You poor girl!!
    I’m sure you are right, Ship Street. I don’t think you can really do Brighton justice in one day, usually Stella and I choose a zone, upper or lower then concentrate our efforts. Thursdays search for glamour took us all over the place.
    However Alison with how you are doing with the NZ equivalent to car-boots I don’t expect you need shops anymore??
    Kelly – hello.
    Stella is very good with me and shopping; perhaps being on your own focuses the mind – but I like having her with me. I think there is nothing better than a shopping pal as long as they like the same shops as you. The trouble starts when you get dragged into shops you might normally cross the street to avoid. With Stella we have a shop hit list. I think Primark is a very creative place, and because we live a long way from one the chances of bumping into someone wearing the same thing is slim.
    Meet up in Brighton? Yes please, but not in the summer –I’m no good in the heat.

  10. Lynn, I really do love your JigSaw shirt! Brown is one of my favorite colors to wear. Put me in anything citrus-colored and I look like I'm ready for a sick-day from work!

    And all that packaging, it IS very pretty. =)

  11. Hello Louise
    Colour makes such a difference - I can't wear pastels.
    Glad you liked my new top - I haven't told my husband how much it cost yet!

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