Tuesday, July 3

Golly Blog

You know me, one thing invariably leads to another and before I knew it I had taken a series of photos of Stella Gollys.

This all started with a broken toilet – it so often does; Stella and I went to our local builders merchants to buy a new one, it’s the glamorous life I lead. Nervous Nigel took us to the caged bay full of sanitary wear and Stella chose ‘Laura’ which is the name of her daughter so of course it was only a matter of seconds before one of us said the obvious.

Oh, the beauty of the builders merchants.
Back at Stella’s after coffee I was once again called to take some photos of her beloved cat….thing is despite him being all furry and cute he does have to compete with lots of lovely photogenic styled collections of interesting things….so here are the highlights.

He's cute, he's furry, his name is Tennyson and he lives the life of Riley.

This old boy is a Deans Golly dating back from the 1930's.

It's surprising just how many books there are about Gollys.

Stella made the two on the right, Laura and Tim.

Another book from Stella's collection.

I love this shelf load of miscellaneous bits and pieces.

These are Stella's hostas. Believe it or not she has a bit of a snail problem.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I'm taking the cat - Stella can have the pick of my sick/incontenant/ungrateful buggers in return.
    The Neighbour.

  2. His pads look like little pink jelly beans.

    (I'm talking about the cat)


  3. I made one of my first loves - "Kev" a golly when he had a motorbike accident, broke his leg and ended up in hospital for 6 months. He hated it - I loved it! Still see Kev sometimes, 25 years on . . . . wonder what happened to the golly though. He's always evasive when I ask but I've an awful feeling he "lost" it!
    Hampton Court is very wet but has been great on day 1!!!
    Love Al x

  4. Cat's and gollys, I wonder if you could have a golly cat?
    I'll swap your bunch of misfits for the howler?

    Cats paws are so beautiful.

    I do hope Kev has the golly somewhere after all it may turn into a sort after 'early' folkydokey:)

  5. I'll trade my fully-leafed hostas for the cat! =)

  6. When the alarm clock goes in the morning he jumps onto the bed for a cuddle!!

    (I'm talking about the cat too;)

  7. Wow those snails have really been having a feast haven't they! Love the cat but am always a little scared of gollys.


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