Tuesday, August 7

Sewing Tuesday

I have been a busy girl today.
My house elf was put to work painting skirting boards so I was free to sew. Don't worry I did reward her with some fresh bread and unsalted butter and a very superior cup of coffee.
Not everything went to plan - one of my new designs went wrong (due to over stuffing) but tomorrow I shall unpick and I'm pretty sure I shall be able to salvage most of it.

Needle cases ready for Etsy.

There are more photos on Florence Hope

1 comment:

  1. your needle cases are getting better + better! glad you keep your elf sweet with treats...i'd happily paint skirting boards with food rewards like yours

    : )

    oh good luck with the unpicking. dont' you just hate it when that happens? still your new invention will be perfection with the tweaking done + dusted ! xx

    p.s. thanks for the flickr comments!


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