Tuesday, April 22

Come for a Walk with us

I thought you might like to join Harry and me on our morning walk.

Harry sniffing the tulips on the way to the beach.

He's noticed I have the camera with me....

It was perfect down there this morning...if you click on this photo you will see a little sailing boat in the distance.

Not sure if this is sea kale...it looked like broccoli; I felt like taking some home to try but for the fact that half the dogs in the area have probably peed up it!

I love the way the groynes age, so beautiful.

The peace and tranquility is shattered by his nibs objecting to my camera...

Part of a cuttle fish....if any of you wish me to collect some for you let me know...I think budgies like them

When I was little I used to collect shells...
Obviously days like this are bliss but I equally love the blustery windswept ones, as long as I'm not going anywhere afterwards:)


  1. Well its only one photograph, but it is a lovely one, those tulips are so bright I had to do a double take, they looked so like poppys. Your cake on the previous post looks totally divine, scrummy.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. I still can't resist picking up shells and pebbles with holes through them. Lovely pics, makes me long for the sea.
    Is his nibs looking a little slimmer? Looks to me as if doggy weight watchers might be working.

  3. Wow what a lovely peaceful morning walk-I like the emptiness been a long time since I had a beach to myself!

  4. I think Harry has lost a little weight...although he did have a fish and chip supper the other night! We had reduced his 'table' scraps and bought smaller biscuits.

    Hi Lynn:)
    The tulips are so lovely I had to take their picture.

  5. What a lovely morning walk you had.
    I remember walking along the beach when I used to live in England, I would love to pick up sea glass, red was the hardess to find.
    I think Harry is adorable.

  6. Beautiful photos - Here it has been so cold this spring that our tulips are 3 weeks behind - I look at all these beautiful photos of full blown beauties in the south and I can'twait for the ones in the cutting garden to start. At the moment they are all tight wrapped against the wind refusing to come out,
    Love the light,

  7. I love being at the seaside. You and Harry have such a wonderful place to walk. Harry has the most gorgeous whiskery snout! The tulips are fabulous. XXX

  8. Im very jealous that you can walk on the beach everyday. I am about an hour away but regularly throw the kids in the car and force them to walk up and down in all weathers( promises of sweets or cake usually work well).
    My tip for carrying all those pebbles and shells without filling your pockets full of sand is to bring a sock with you. Preferably a bright stipey one to lift the mood (although any sock will do). If you give it a shake the sand comes through and your treasures remain safely inside - Jacqui

  9. thanks for taking us with you on your walk. i didn't realise how close you were to the beach. i am so jealous. Cuttle fish is also used in jewellery making to make a mould (my sister was a jeweller).
    I also loved collecting shells when i was little and i am still collecting them all these years later.
    ginny x

  10. Fasinated about using a cuttle fish for a mould, but it makes perfect sense....although I think possibly a bit smelly:) You know now I'm going to want to experiment:)
    The only things I bring back from the beach these days are pebbles with holes in them...I can't resist:)

  11. You're so lucky to live near the sea, I adore walking along the seafront but we're a 90 minute hour drive away (on a good day!) so it's not something we do on the spur of the moment very often

  12. Lovely walk, hope you didn't mind me joining you? Harry looks lovely. I love walking along the beach finding shells and colourful stones. Jane - craftyconundrum

  13. Thanks for the walk. I always enjoy seeing photos of Rustington Beach. I can almost smell it.
    Funnily enough I've just posted about a walk G and I took first thing this morning.
    I'll join you for a walk for real next year.

  14. looks like a beautiful walk..how I would love to live that near to the sea...such gorgeous colours and textures.. lovely!


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