Tuesday, April 15

On a Roll

We all use it – well I hope we all use it, so we all know what it looks like but, well, it isn’t the most attractive of items to have displayed in our bathrooms. What am I taking about? the spare toilet roll.

A sad pitiful site....

Even worse on the window sill....
I think knitted poodles and crinoline ladies hiding our blushes are having a bit of a renaissance due to resurgence of kitsch – indeed when I was in Waterstones on Sunday I found a whole book dedicated to knitted novelty toilet roll covers. Not for me. I decided I wanted something pretty and practical – pretty for obvious reasons and practical so it is easy to ‘use’ and can be thrown in the washing machine from time to time.

Anyway I put my thinking cap on and came up with this little beauty. So very simple a child could make it.

Aren't I pretty?

That's better.

Do you cover yours?


  1. no, but now i might, first I have to find a simple child....

  2. We have a great pile of spare loo rolls - I don't quite know what the children do with them but we go through a ridiculous amount. Last week with an extra 2 under 12s was ridiculous.
    I think this works - surprisingly.
    Expect to see it copied all over blogland . . .

  3. I made a little drawstring bag to hide a couple of spare loo rolls ( don't know what the children do with it but they get through loads!) but yours looks much neater and nicer!

  4. I don't cover but might from now on...what a good idea. Actually you could make a very long holder and store several loo rolls, bit like those carrier bag holders. Hmmm,have to think about that. Lunch yesterday looked delish BTW.

  5. That's a really pretty idea. I'm afraid I have a wicker magazine basket that holds about 6 rolls and tucks behind the door. I'm not proud ;-)

  6. What a neat idea, it sure is better than having them lying around the bathroom.

  7. monica4:13 PM

    I hide mine in the cupboard under the sink... but maybe now I'll flaunt it!!!!

    great idea.

  8. Merry Mog12:09 PM

    My downstairs loo is decorated like a seaside (for the grandchildren, of course!)and my loo roll cover is an upside down sand bucket with a couple of spades beside!

  9. not yet, but I see it in my future.


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