Friday, April 11

So Bracing

This morning Harry and I rounded up my neighbour and the 3 of us set off for a bracing walk.
Very blustery which was good as it kept numbers down.

Bit of dog action.

Poor old Harry had to go to the vets last night. He was dragged off so a lump could be tested…. good news it wasn’t cancer but the bad he needs to loose some weight….in other words he is fat. Tests have proved it!

One of us being silly

The ever photogenic beach huts....


Harry looking unusually focused...a biscuit is out of shot....


  1. Hang on, I thought I read 'Harry and diet' in one sentence and then 'Harry and biscuit' in another, there is no hope!

  2. is it a diet-biscuit?
    poor harry...he's so lovely the way he is but if it's for his health then it has to be done i suppose.

    i love bright breezy days like your one today. those beach huts are nice would it have been to open one up for a cuppa? x

  3. Yeah - biscuits ......I get the instant 'sit' from my Harry and realise he isn't as stupid as he looks..
    That beach walk looks very bracing, lovely shots.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Glad to hear that Harry is okay, apart from being a bit overweight that is. One of ours, Bouncer can get quite tubby at times, due partly to pinching the cat food, but a week or so on reduced rations and he is back to his usual selph like shape - well not quite so barrel shaped!

  5. Miss Dog is on an eternal diet, so she sends her sympathies to Harry. Monty is also on a diet, and will require a tummy tuck before too long, as his swinging belly will touch the ground one day. I know what Carolyn means about cat food being pilfered at every opportunity. Monty has to jump up onto a chest of drawers to get to his food now. The photos are beautiful, and I love the colours. XXX

  6. I came to your blog via Flossie Teacakes. I love these little beach huts that you have in the UK. I would just move right in if I could.

  7. So glad to hear that Harry is fine - thank goodness the lump was benign - you must be so relieved.

    Lovely photos of those beach houses!

    It is definitely a strange experience seeing my name on my book - a good strange though.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  8. Glad to hear Harry is fine - we use the cat flap as an indicator of Jasmine's weight - she should be able to wiggle out of it.
    After holiday's at my parents she just stares at the door waiting to be let out. . .

  9. Hey what a relief for you- and what a great place for a walk- the beach huts look so pretty- Zia

  10. I love those huts on the beach.
    Sarah x

  11. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I didn't get a biscuit I might add and I was very good.
    The neighbour x

  12. Well I bet you are releived that Harry is ok, what a scare. Looking at your photographs it looks just like summer.....
    I love your Boden cardigan...I wonder what happens too all the wonderful Boden ect clothes, you can hardly ever find any in charity shops, or even at car boots.......I was begining to think they dissolved, after 6 months of not being worn?? maybe they do!!
    Happy weekend
    Hugs Lynn xx

  13. Love the photos they look very Boden catalogue, I just love beach huts.Our labrador is getting fatter and the cats thinner..hmmmmm in fact hes got so much fatter of late he actually looks like a girl labrador now as his belly blends in with his willy! nice.
    We've even trained him to think lettuce is a treat and he loves it(he's odd)..still hasn't helped with the weight though!
    Glad Harrys lump got sorted out.


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