Sunday, May 18


Normal blogging will resume again soon – when my internal paintwork is finished…..and I shall celebrate with lots of before and after photos; actually I will be boring the pants off you all with before and after photos – I PROMISE.
Mr M the painter and decorator is starting this week; Farrow & Ball has been plundered of all its Lime White eggshell so if there is a national shortage it would be down to moi trying to get the house finished.
That reminds me I must away to surf the netty for some D handles….


  1. We will only let you have a pause if it's a short one!

  2. Send your painter and decorator to mine when his finished will you, please?
    (The fledgling in the pic is a thrush, I think, we also have stalings and blackbirds and they do all look surprisingly alike.)

  3. You will have to blog all about your painting and decorating when you get back, because we are nosy!

  4. it wont bore me ..I love a good before and after! happy painting!

  5. Don't go exhausting yourself dearie, but looking forward to seeing what you've been doing to your house.

  6. missing you gigi! hope all is going well with your painting.
    ginny and al


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