Thursday, May 8

This and That

Look at the size of that!
I ate 2.
Thank you to all who left comments and shared your thoughts about my last post. I think the subject is worthy of another visit but not today - it's just too hot for me to have my serious head on.

What a beautiful sight - washing drying on my washing line, one of the few compensations of the heatwave.


  1. Only two? Weren't you feeling well?

    It's lovely to dry the washing outside. I love this weather as long as I don't have to go anywhere or do anything!!


  2. Lucky you to have such lovely weather, its very chilly here.
    I think washing hanging on the line blowing in the breeze is such a lovely I the only one that thinks that way?

  3. They're teeny! Two was very restrained I must say :)

  4. You deserve the whole pack in the heatwave. You should come down here for a visit. Plenty of chilly weather every day. Terrible drying weather though. XXX

  5. that ice cream is hardly worth the bother.....
    well done you for only eating two :)
    we are also enjoying sunny days - yesterday we walked the dogs in the forest at 8pm wearing t shirts - i then sat outside and finished a book at around 10pm and it was still light - weird......
    t x

  6. Lovely weather here too.;-)
    I made reference to you on my blog today,knowing how much you love the 'beautiful game'..LOL ;-)

  7. Oh ice cream how much i miss you- frozen yoghurt is just not the same..... what are you do washing for? Days like thursday, friday and today are so rare they should be cherished and dedicated to paddling pools, Pimms and adjusting your t shirt every 5 mins to avoid tan lines! Hurray for the rare British summer1

  8. What a dinky little ice cream!
    The weather is great for drying washing, I even hung some out last night and it was dry this morning.

  9. Only 2? Golly what self restraint!

  10. I like the look of your washing. Mine just looks like washing. this is attractive.


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