Thursday, July 24

Mainly Faffing.

I’ve spent a large part of today in my sewing nook sorting out my fabric stash. I don’t want to give the impression my stash is so large it has taken most of the day to organize it’s just that I get way laid continually.

I started another dog bag but then decided that the lining I had chosen wasn’t right…..this is why my productivity is virtually nonexistent as every little detail has to be right.

I have also decided to wash all my fabric as I have read you are meant too.

I find all this organizing rather dull; well I think if I didn’t have to stop to fix meals and chores I’d enjoy it more…


  1. There is nothing worse than being on a sewing roll and getting constantly interrupted. I am also a bit like you, I start off doing one thing and then move on to another, at days end I'm exhausted, but then realize that nothing is finished!

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  3. I think you do need some sort of order before you can get on with a project (she said...encouragingly) ;-)

  4. I love the word 'faffing'. I do a lot of that! ;-)

  5. It is easy to get distracted when sorting out yur stash! I like the look of your cotton reel holder - I need something like that! Did you but it or make it? All my cotton reels are tangled in a drawer and it always takes ages to extricate the one I want. With a gizmo like that it would tangling would be a thing of the past!

  6. Just found your beautiful blog...
    Looking forward to read more of it!
    All of your cakes look super delicious!
    Kisses kisses

  7. i could do with some organisation round here in the messiest sewing corner in the world! i read the fabric washing tip somewhere too which i should get in the habit of doing as soon as i buy the fabric...when i'm in the mood to make something i'm too impatient to include that step in the process. xxx

  8. Having to stop to make meals is such a chore when you're on a sewing role, I totally sympathise. We've been eating a lot of salad lately....very quick!!

    L x

  9. Talking of stash sorting..where did you get that rack for your spools ? I want one/several.


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