Wednesday, August 6

Study in Green

I love the colour green.

Its funny how we all seem to gravitate to things we like – I guess you could also throw in people to that.

While my sewing mojo was on a long walkabout I indulged my collecting bug on Ebay.
Years ago before the internet took over our lives I used to like nothing more than perusing junk shops ‘antique’ shops - they are few and far between these days – even in places like Arundel and Petworth there aren’t as many as there were so occasionally I look on Ebay and get sucked into wanting things for a few weeks and then it passes – thank God!
I do think there are strong psychological issues regarding collecting.
I start with something, say a rabbit then by chance I find another one; so there are two but then I think if I get one more a trio will look better and then the next things the house is heaving….I have to keep it in check otherwise I’d be one of those people who can’t move for stuff.
I probably could call myself a reformed collector.

Anyway here is my new favourite green vase adding to my mantelpiece collection of – green things…..

It is metal and I just love how it has aged.
This is a cute little Sylvac vase that will join the other Sylvac vases I have….

The little Scottie dog came from the very talented Fieldy…..I absolutely love him.


  1. Yes I've noticed how two or three similar items can quickly become a collection. Less is more I think, I recently started buying cream coloured china after seeing a dresser in a magazine displaying only cream things, I think it looks fab but I can see my own collection growing and it's knowing when to Mother in Law used to have huge collections of china bells/frogs of all descriptions/fridge magnets, I hated them and couldn't understand why she'd want to give them shelf-space (I know, I know, I sound like a snob, truly I'm not but they were really naff!). She got fed with the dusting though and finally dumped the lot.
    Your green collection looks very stylish of course.

  2. I second everything you are saying here!

  3. I am a lover of green too, but only in the last couple of years, it's funny how your taste changes. I used to be a real pink girl, now I'm not overly fussed for it and would always go for red.
    Love your green collection, especially that little westie.
    We have a new addition, I think you'll like her ;)

    L x

  4. Your little Scottie dog looks so in the right place!
    I love the colour green as well.

  5. Have to admit I'm not a 'green' fan, except outside in the garden. Do like your collectio though, especially teamed with lavender. And I thought I spied one of Fieldy's gorgeous scotties!

  6. I'm here because its about time! I've seen your name somewhere lots and lots and so I've come to see. And I love that green too. I have Sylvac, Lancastrian, Rhead vases in 'that' green.And some bunnies and dogs. So there's two of us. Does that mean we are a collection? Good.

  7. monkee maker7:32 AM

    I too am a recent convert to green. I used to hate the colour but now I wear it - green skirts and cardis, carry it - bright green cotton M&S bag, and harbour desires for a green bug-eyed Nissan Micra! Judging by Primrose Hill's comment as well, green must be the new pink!


  8. That is such a lovely green vase, the color is so lovely.
    The little scottie dog is wonderful!

  9. green is the best! keep collecting : )

  10. Thanks for visiting my site -LOVE your vases!

  11. Thanks for the mention - I have been meaning to blog about our swap for ages but have been pretty slack on the blogging front lately! Delighted that your scottie has found a cosy spot amongst all those beautiful soothing greens. That shade of green makes me think of 1930's Lidos!

  12. I love green and love all the different tones together.
    What is it with creative people? so many of us love collecting vintage.

  13. Mmm, we are very green here - most of the house is painted pale green, but my real obsession is coloured glass and like you, I always think that there is always room for another piece. There probably isn't.
    I am so glad though, that I didn't start colecting something like ducks or aeroplanes and have everyone buy them for birthdays and Christmas until I had hundreds.

  14. Hi Lynn what a lovely collection of shades of colour,and yours sre so gentle and subtle. Somtimes I go mad for a shade then later it gets dumped but I always love soft turquoise and dull tomatoe reds.
    Lynn xx

  15. Of could I forget!


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