Monday, August 18


Thank you so much for all your comments about a subject that affects us all – copyright.
From the comments and emails I have received sadly it seems copying be it words, images, text or ideas is endemic in blogworld.
Is there anything we can do to prevent it? Probably not but perhaps we can keep our eyes open and alert one another if we see someone ripping off our work…..and developing a strong signature look… make copying harder.

Anyway on to something completely different.

Stella and I have been busy bees.

Some finished Florence Hope corsages

And some WIP

I had planned to stock up our Etsy shop but as the pound is very weak against the dollar I feel I wanted to offer an alternative …..there is of course but while it is still in it’s infancy I feel perhaps selling direct is an option I would like to explore.


  1. Lovely, lovely work, I really like the hanging especially.
    Good luck with selling directly, can't see any reason why it should'nt work.

  2. I love the corsages, they're gorgeous!

    I think that that is the best idea; to keep an eye out and look out for other bloggars. Copyright is a sticky subject but I think if you state that "this is my work" then some people may be deterred! You can only hope I guess x

  3. it's wonderful to see lots of your work lined up. i'm eagerly awaiting the launch + wherever it may sell from i do have a good feeling that it's going to sell well! xxx

  4. How beautiful are these, love the colors!

  5. Lovely, lovely - and certainly very obviously Florence Hope.
    Had a great time chatting about this with you Lynn,
    Tea towels are the new crafty super-things - lets take over the world with wonderful washing up.

  6. Fab work the corsages are lovely.

    I read your last post and the comments you received. I have always questioned this issue too and whilst I have previously sold to friends and family it has taken a big leap of faith to try out blogging and see where it leads.(Still in its infancy if you check.)

    Not sure whether this helps but my dad told me to prove the originality of your designs you could take a photo of the work date the back then post it to yourself, when it arrives leave it unopened. (He works in graphic design)

    I guess that this is quite a task if you wanted to loosely 'copyright' your work but it may be ok for NEW innovative ideas etc/art pieces.At least you can prove when you first did the work etc.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous work Gigi. Love the colours so much xx

  8. Your work is just lovely!

  9. Love these, so very pretty. Meant to leave a comment re the copright issue. I read it with interest. I've experienced almost exact copying of a couple of stylised photos I took a year or so ago. Turned up on another blog after a couple of weeks. Coincidence, maybe so....but I think not. No great shakes but it was annoying....I's just going to happen unfortunately....bah!

  10. Really love these new corsages - I especially like the contrast of the black with the muted colours - reminiscent of the 1950's I think. Good Luck with direct selling - it is the way to go I feel. Are there any decent craft associations in your area that you could get together with to put on local craft fairs occassionally?


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