Friday, March 27

Another Friday

I have succumbed to the lurgy – from the neck up it isn’t good and the worst of it is I have sore ears which have rendered me incapable of concentration.
More bad news – we have lost most of our Freeview channels and will need our aerial moved to pick up a different transmitter. Personally I think this isn’t something a woman with my artistic sensibilities should need to concern herself with…..especially with sore ears.

To cheer myself I have made hot chocolate and eaten toast which is good for sick people.

My fury friends have rallied…..the lovely Jackson from next door has been giving me cat cuddles and Harry has been a good boy most of the time.

Photo: Mr Jackson

Photo: Making merry in my front garden.


  1. Loving Mr Jackson, I'd hijack him too (only temporarily, of course)! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Not feeling great myself at the moment so I can sympathise.
    Take care.

  3. I found copious amounts of whisky worked well - kind of numed everything! Could be nice in hot chocolate - or brandy!even better.
    Hope you're feelin better soon - I feel the ariel thing is beyond reason - something you cantbe expected to even contemplate - fancy - and a woman with your ears!!!

    x Vicky x

  4. Poor you. You'll have to watch repeats of Sissinghurst on iPlayer instead and let the lovely Adam Nicolson minister to you instead :-) Or else get the dvds of Pride and Prejudice - great for when you're ill or indeed any other time. Mmm Colin Firth.

    Keep warm :-)

  5. rest, eat whatever you fancy without guilt, cuddle dogs and any hijacked cats and pull out those dvd's...
    get well soon
    t x

  6. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Jackson would just like to say that the camera adds 4lbs!!
    And I would like to say he was McFattytoosh when we got him and I am trying to reduce that tummy!!
    The Neighbour XXX

  7. Hope your feeling better soon,the television always seems to pack up when you need it.
    If I'm sick I just want to curl up on the sofa and channel hop!

  8. Sorry to hear about that lurgi ... I am myself lurgified and currently lying prone on the sofa, avec laptop - my window on the world. It's rubbish isn't it? I've got so much to DO but can't do it.

    Hope you feel much better soon :-) x

  9. What a sweetie, having cuddles with Mr Jackson will soon have you on the mend. Take it easy.

  10. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better very soon, your medication sounds just right.

  11. Cats can always make you feel a bit better! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. Get better soon flower!


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