Tuesday, July 21


As I write my faithful hound lies in a deep coma like sleep next to me snoring his head off. It is no wonder as curiosity got the better of me this morning and I persuaded my neighbour to walk to East Preston as I wanted to check out a house that was featured in a housey magazine and I believed it to be by the Yacht Club.

It wasn’t – not unless they have bought some old nylon nets to disguise all their French chic interiors…..however our efforts were somewhat rewarded by a very pleasing piece of old wood and a splash of Farrow & Ball……… ( am so easily pleased)

My Crocs gave me a blister and Sam’s glittery flip flops caused minor damage so on our way home she went sans footwear.

We stumbled across a pair of bees making love…..we decided this act of procreation was worthy of a photo but Harry had other ideas and stood on them so it was bee coitus interuptous – this was the only photo I managed to get.


  1. Fancy being in the middle of doing the 'Hokey-Cokey'.... & getting a giant paw foot on your head... that would really make the earth move for you...!!
    Marion ;0))

  2. I am thankful he didn't kill them!
    I have looked up bee sex and it can take up to 80 minutes!

  3. As long as that....!
    I must make sure 'we keep in training then...!!'
    P.s lovin' the scones... is there nothing you can't do..!?
    ;0> Marion


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