Monday, August 10

Eave’s Dropping

I love listening to other people’s conversations – I like to think it’s because I’m naturally inquisitive!– I can pick up delicious gossip in shops….while I’m ‘holding’ on the telephone….. walking Harry even sitting in my front room with the windows open but on Sunday the tables were turned when an old lady couldn’t help but comment on the conversation Nigel and I were having in Waitrose about the type of cat food we were going to donate to one of his customers who is having coffee morning for a local animal sanctuary.
I chose a pack of kitten food and was telling Nigel how old cats could eat it as well as kittens….she asked if she gave us the money would we mind taking a pack from her.
So she gave Nigel £2.60 and we popped another pack in our trolley while having a chat about cats.
It was a lovely moment.

Photo: Jackson, my neighbour's most recent rescue cat.

Jackson was found living under a living like a Lord thanks to Cats Protection


  1. I think Jackson may need a little Cuisine Minceur.

  2. He looks very happy though!

    Pomona x

  3. what a lovely thing to do! this story has set me up for the day with a smile on my face : )

    sweet jackson. good old cp! Xx

  4. I, too, am an earwigger. I love how you can end up having really interesting conversations in places like the market or the park. And, see, this one benefitted the cats and the little old lady. Good for all!

  5. Ah, what a lovely kitty, so glad he has a loving home now. The CPL do wonderful work.
    Hen x

  6. Sorry to be thick as always but is Nigel's customer serving cat food at the coffee morning????

  7. I love raising money for the Cats Protection, They do such a good job-Jackson will agree no doubt!

  8. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I done a bad murder Auntie......sorry! XXXX
    Love Jackson.


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