Tuesday, September 22

Oh Joy

For some time now I have wanted a printer that actually works and after a bit of research I bit the built and let Nigel buy me a new all singing and dancing wifi 3 in 1 printer, scanner and photocopier.
Today I multitasked РI was able to watch Monk on TV, copy a photos of some raised beds from the internet and print them off without getting off my fat derri̬re!
Technology is great.
I should add that my computer savvy neighbour was needed to set it up….but as the song says we all need good neighbours especially if they can trouble shoot and do technical stuff.

Photo - That's my boy....prettier than a printer.
Tif has covered hers....


  1. You WATCH Monk...!! I knew there had to be someone that did!!!
    Marion :0)

  2. I love that furry face - really sweet!

    Pomona x

  3. Monk is great - he washes his hands a lot and I think that's a good thing.

    Harry was barking at me as my camera was on....

  4. Is Monk the same as Bulletproof Monk, or are they two different programmes?

  5. oh yes the joys of wi-fi! it always freaks me out when my printer suddenly starts going and i realise that ciaran's in another room "sending something through"! love tiff's cover for hers...i'm just making a similar cover-up for our bedroom tv.

    and harry you are pretty as can be! i'm sending you a kiss through the wires : )

  6. Mmm.. trust me on this, for someone that has, & does, spend a lot of her time (namely me..) with hands constantly in water... it truly does nothing for keeping the skin looking young...!!! (remember the witches hands in the Wizard-of-odd...?)
    Marion ;0)

  7. I am sure your bum is not fat!! Tis handy wireless, isn't it amazing what some people can do, with no wires?


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