Thursday, October 1

No 22

Feeling a little under par this morning I thought I would get away not taking the boy out……but he had other ideas and after several hours of giving me the eye I gave in and went out.
Anyway we were walking along when I noticed this freshly painted lamp post.
The colour took my eye – a true clear olive green – and then the numbers appealing to my love of fonts and graphics.

I love how colour inspires and excites even when it comes packaged as a lamp post.


  1. Glad its just not me!

    x Vicky x

  2. Same here! I take photos of the most peculiar things these days! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I love green. LOVE it in any shade.Our front door is painted Olive green.

    I have a hound giving me 'the eye' as I type.I'm hoping a stinky boy might take pity on him. Hope your feeling better x


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