Wednesday, October 7


Sarah Raven’s article in Saturday’s Telegraph about growing winter salad in polystyrene boxes inspired me– I think I liked that she was using polystyrene which let’s face it is hard to love.
“Find a friendly fishmonger, greengrocer or wine merchant and ask them if they have any decent sized – at least 8in deep – wooden or polystyrene boxes or crates.”
I can’t imagine her sniffing around the bins at the back of Iceland but they are throw away items that are perfect for the job.
Returning from this mornings walkies I saw one of the men at the nearby nursing home throwing some polystyrene packaging into their skip….
This isn’t the first time I have found treasure in this skip and whenever I have asked for the odd thing the men always seem interested in what I am going to use the pallet, box, polystyrene for….

The prospective seed tray was straight forward enough but my other use was found to be amusing –

Any guesses?
An art deco hedgehog house!


  1. I bet she doesn't have polystyrene trays littering up the yard at Perch Hill though.

  2. That is one posh little hedgehog house! I am very intrigued by growing winter salad in polysterene boxes though. I can see that it makes a warm bed for them ro grow in.

  3. I'm a bit ahead of Sarah as I planted up a lot of salad seedlings in the greehouse a while back. I used ordinary large plastic plant pots though, predictable and untrendy that's me.


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