Monday, February 15

Happy Monday

Last night I saw an advert for B&Q – box balls half price….music to my ears…so this morning I twisted the Lame One’s arm and low and behold we visited the Bognor branch.
No one there knew anything about it so I first found an employee and got him to do a price check they were £4:99 as advertised…so I bought 5!!

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day we then traveled to Ferring to Benton Weatherstone to study aggregates….we are having shingle not grass in our front garden…

As you can see there is a lot to choose from.

We might be having a bit of concrete wood for the hedgehog feeding station….currently under negotiation….

The fun didn’t stop….as we were in Ferring we had lunch at the Bluebird Café which is dog friendly. Nigel wants to return – not in half –term I might add with Harry…I’m not so sure. There were lots of lovely well behaved dogs sitting under the tables being all dopey which he never is so I’ve suggested we just go for a coffee so if it all goes pear shaped we won’t have to leave the full English when we get banned!

Returning home I spotted a charity shop I’d never visited…I was told to be quick… I was

I almost squealed when I saw tied bundle of old fabric samples.…..they are so beautiful….


  1. Happy days.....Glad 'the lame one' is holding up well, & now feels he's almost strong enough, to eat a 'full-english'.... :oD

  2. How can you possibly choose from all thet lovely sone-y stuff - so much! We have that chipped up slate stuff - well we would being in Wales! It looks lovely when rains, its lovely colours shine through.
    Good Treasure hunting there my Girl - well done. What ya gonna make with your goodies?

    Vicky x

  3. Ooh, I spent all my childhood holidays in Ferring. Is the Lemon Tree Caff still there on the front? I doubt it. Many Lolly Gobble Choc Bombs consumed there.

  4. what a fruitful day you have had.
    the box trees are certainly a bargain - well done you

  5. lovely fabrics... what a good day!... hope your tuesday is just as good
    love ginny x

  6. Wow - what a great retail day you had! I love those rows of shingle - I'd like stripes like that in my garden :) x

  7. I thought I was alone . . . . the only girl to get excited about . . . aggregates . . . I am glad you feel it too!! I get quite excited in a wood yard too . . Do you? Love Helen x

  8. That fabric bundle is so beautiful, how wonderful to stumble upon it, I do recognise that feeling of trying very hard not to sound or look TOO excited when you spy something special! Enjoy just looking at it and dreaming of all the things it could turn in to ...


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