Sunday, May 23

Linden Barn, Hampshire

Today I visited a most inspirational garden… tell you the truth it has been on my radar for a few years since it was featured in a housey magazine….I tore out the pages as I loved it so much…. Then recently I spotted it again on a brilliant website – Garden Collection….after a bit of research (Google) I discovered it was relatively near and opens under the National Gardens Scheme….
So this morning Nigel and I met the lovely owners and walked around their exquisite garden.

I am already planning another visit later in the season.

Perfection everywhere

The Summer House....

A hazel seat made by the owners....

Even the gravel was raked....

Beautiful details in every corner.


  1. Oh that looks gorgeous, the NGS is a wonderous, wonderous thing!

    Next time I'm in Winchester I'll have to try and go there.

  2. looks amazing! i love those shady lovely to walk round it in the sunshine. and although i didn't know i could feel this way i now have gravel envy...must tidy up our drive!!

  3. Gorgeous - I am rushing to see if you have put more photos on Flickr...

  4. Oh that's GORGEOUS!!

  5. Oh thank you for that. How it contrasts with the utterly crass and vulgar sight which has just appeared where I live not to mention all the pvc windows and Leylandii here in some parts.

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    what a gorgeous picture, that hazel seat is wonderful.


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