Monday, October 3

West Dean Apple Fair

Yesterday Nigel and I visited the annual West Dean Apple Fair as we are hoping to add a couple of apple trees to our bijoux patch.

Choosing an apple tree is a surprisingly complicated business as there are hundreds of varieties, sizes, desert, culinary.…and so I thought we should consult the experts to get it right.

After some tasting and questioning we have chosen Fiesta for our desert and Arthur Turner for a cooker both on M26 root.

We also consulted an ‘Apple Doctor’ with some mystery apples from a neighbour’s garden - I was so impressed with how swiftly with 2 questions he identified them to be Lane’s Prince Albert…a well behaved cooker.
There were lots of non apple related stalls to keep all happy and we returned home with artisan breads and cheeses as well as some apples grown in West Dean itself.


  1. Is that an annual event, cos I need to visit it looks so delicious and we can quiz them about our efforts to find the perfect cider apple!

  2. Oh yes it is an annual event and I'm sure the right destination for talk of cider apples.

  3. I love the photos here. what a great idea to have a whole fair all about apples! We inherited two apple trees I'd love to know which they are!

  4. Hey Lynn, an Apple Fair, sounds absolutely delightful and so very English..........feeling a little bit envious.

    Who would've thought there was so much to choosing an apple variety?

    Sounds like it was a lovely day out andto take home some artisan bread and cheeses must've been the icing on the cake .........

    Claire :}

  5. Gosh how wonderful, thats just my kin-a-day!!
    Love Helen xx

  6. How very like you to do thorough research!
    Barbara Pym arrived in the mail yesterday. Very excited about reading her...and equally as excited to read you once again.
    Love to Blighty.

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. We don't have nearly as many choices of apples over here, although there are a few suppliers of heritage varieties. I have a triple grafted apple that I have high hopes for. It is about to burst into blossom, so I hope the bees get very busy! Apples are so variable in taste and texture so it was a great idea to go and do some thorough research. I love very crisp, juicy, slightly tart apples. I hope you are good- it is lovely to hear about another of your adventures. XXX

  8. Sounds like a really great day out - very interesting.

    Pomona x

  9. Hiya, hows it going, just got back into blogging, glad to see you are still producing your lovely work...Stephne x


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