Sunday, November 13


25th May 1997 - 12th November 2011


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Hi Gigibird,

    thanks for visiting and telling me about Harry.

    I am sad for your loss, it will continue to be great for some time.

    Happy that he was your furry companion - I know my hound was the longest relationship with anyone... including marriages!

    The cats will help you... big love for getting tow older ones too - that is exactly what i would do, too.

  2. It's really sad news to read of Harry . I'm sorry for the loss of your dear dog. x

  3. Oh, I'm sooo sorry ! I haven't blogged for ages and just popped in to see your sad news.
    Bless Harry, I'm sure he's skipping about upstairs chasing bunnies. Big hug from me & Archie xxx

  4. We both lost our best buddies 'The Harry's' in the same year. A bit of me went with him that day, what joy they gave. Three cheers for all that is dogs


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