Sunday, April 23


This is a work in progress photo.
Note the plaster splattered radio, the bane of my life. It isn't enough that I'm not consulted before it is plugged in, but Radio 2 at full blast is probably my idea of hell. There's not much between R2 and Talk Sport, my husbands first choice of radio channel.

Which brings me on to noise in general - WHAT'S WRONG WITH SILENCE?

My ideal tradesman would be an ex-trapist monk, who not only doesn't have music on, but doesn't feel the need to tell me all about his girlfriend's "water problems"

But I digress, because after a rather unpromising start, I have managed to clock up 6959 steps today!That makes up for yesterday's 304 (!!) but that was mainly because I forgot to plug myself in when I took diggy dog out, then I changed my jeans into my painting pants and left the bug on my jeans; I was mainly up a ladder painting the bookcase, so I don't reckon I would have broken any records.

However I have eaten 3 pieces of millionaire's shortbread - I'm not even looking at how many calories is in each one; there's 2 left, no chance of them ever reaching their sell by date with me about!

Back to my bookcase - I have put the undercoat on - Farrow & Ball's Bone, and once the ceiling has been painted I will do the top coat, F&B Vert de Terre. Before anyone thinks I posh, or up myself, or a combination of the two, I think when it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. Looky- likey's are never the same. Trust me.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I totally agree, what's wrong with silence I cry- - softly.
    I can't stand noise. I make my hubby wear earplugs plugged into the TV when I go to bed before him so I don't hear the drone of it through the wall.
    And TV babble - forget it!


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