Wednesday, April 26


Today I have a visit from the bind man. He's not actually blind; he doesn't have a dog called Honey, he measures blinds, and then comes back a few weeks later and fits them - hence the uninspiring nick name, the blind man.
Everything was going OK, he measured the kitchen, and I was able to choose a shade of cream particularly easily - Vanilla to be precise; and, it was price band B which was very cheap. I was thinking to myself, it's going to be a great day. Silly me. Optimism, where does it get you? Nowhere, that's where - we moved on to the front room - the wooden blind room.
In my mind I had a picture of a sort of aged oak; brown, but grey, and I (stupidly) thought that because I was having the dear blinds the colour choice would accommodate my aspirations of faded oak. Non. I'm sure faded oak is available to designers, or very rich people who can have anything (although rarely are in possession of good taste) but not me. The poor man, Dave was waiting for my decision, but it just didn't come. I think when I said I was just popping next door to see if my neighbour could help, he gave up. Hence I was left with the shade guide - apparently that NEVER happens.
The photo shows the best out of the bunch.
Where was Imogene when I needed her?
Where was my neighbour when I need her?
Anyway, I have sort of made my choice - the darkest one, but I'm still not sure. I have to ring Dave tomorrow with my decision - that's if he didn't go back to the office and hand his notice in.
Hubby is mowing the lawn, I have to go, and look up how to deal with electrical shocks.

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