Monday, April 17

More thoughts

I'm always thinking. But I think (ha, ha) that's good if your a thinker.

It's funny writing a blog which then goes out into the public domain - and yet no one is reading it, so I can say pretty much what I like, and it doesn't matter - it's like leaving your house in the morning completely naked and yet nobody notices.

Two of my friends have my blog address, but I don't think they come on to look very often, and I have yet to receive a genuine comment, so I could write a list of all the people I wish didn't exist, or all the people I'd like to push over a cliff, and it wouldn't matter.

Thing is, I don't really have horrible thoughts about other people, I am so passive and domesticated, it must have all been squeezed out of me; my husband gets on my nerves sometimes, but I just leave the room. I have a "friend" who has an enormous ego, but I just find that amusing in a pitying sort of way. I don't suffer from jealousy- the more I think about it, the more well balanced I think I am.

Steps sop far 3739

It's a Bank Holiday, and all I can here are birds and my central heating. I do feel very blessed.

Husband at another football match - won't be home until much later - so I have the house to myself:)

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