Saturday, April 15

The storm before the lull

I have the neighbour's over later for dinner, and nothing seems to be going right in the kitchen.

Earlier, I was thinking how clever I was making onion tarts; but all that changed after I took the mini flan cases out of the oven. Road kill.

I'm now listening to the Smiths and it's raining heavily outside - "the rain falls down on this hum drum town......." I live in a village, and I like living here, but I know what Morrissey is getting at; perhaps I should put something else on.

Husband out at football - I guess if I was a good wife I would check to see if his team won, but I'm not, and I don't give a stuff either way.

There is a bottle of champagne in the fridge and all I can think about is having a Kir Royal to calm my frayed nerves, but I shall have to wait.....I guess

Steps so far today 3486 - (bad)

Mood - blacker by the minute

I am going now to put something in the oven - either the lamb or my head

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