Wednesday, May 10

We have a Mouse

The sofa was moved this morning (making ready for extreme decorating) where and low and behold our resident rodent had pooped to his/her hearts content. An obvious mouse hole was pugged up in the skirting board, and I shall borrow next doors humane traps if I find anymore evidence of activity. This would never have happened if my dear sweet pussy cat were still alive...........I may borrow one of next door's cats as well as the traps - belt and braces

Other news- I have decided to go vegetarian (with the exception of sausages). After trying to chew on that free range turkey the other evening I have had enough. I don't really like meat, it will just mean more effort in meal planning, but I shall try and make the effort for myself. I guess I'm worth it!

A few more assorted pictures.

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