Monday, July 3

Cool Breeze

Right now I'd like to be laying in this puddle of sea water cooling down. But I'm not, I'm writing this for starters, and this photo was taken a few weeks ago. Thing is about the summer - everyone goes down the beach, and I like it when it's only me and the dog. Plus Darcy doesn't care for children and will bark at them, which is embarrassing to say the least.

I should be doing something creative, and I shall do so in a minute -I have to make a green bag for Imogene, and I said (rather stupidly) that mine would be better than hers(she's going to make one, but I don't think hers will be green) As she's very competitive and I'm not, and now I wish I hadn't been so impetuous with my comments - I may post a photo of my finished piece. I would rather procrastinate for a few more hours surfing the net, and looking in my fridge, and listening to a Paul McKenna CD - Do not operate machinery while listening to this eyes closed recording.............


  1. Can't wait to see the finished bag, I so wish Imogene had a blog so that I could judge whose was best!!

  2. You would be so unbiased wouldn't you Jane?


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