Thursday, July 20

Craft and Food

Surprisingly good day - went to Chichester avec husband (car being serviced) and mooched around the shops. Needed emergency input to summer wardrobe - if you saw what little I have to manage with you'd all be sending me clothes parcels! Dorothy Perkins came to my rescue, and didn't break the bank.
Anyway, bought the little tin of Marrons aux Pommes in Maison Blanc, it looked so cute, and I'm sure will bedeliciouss on some lovely fresh bread, on smeared on top of a piece of sponge. For one who recanted The pleasures of sugar I have lapsed dreadfully, but I have come to the conclusion I have very little will power, and would become even more of a social Pariah if I went through out life refusing cakes and biscuits .
The other photo is of a tag. Not sure if it needs some beads, or perhaps a button - I shall consult with the Oracle.
Tomorrow I am visiting my friend Beaty, and we plan an afternoon of embroidery - our very own exclusive sewing circle - she is working on her monogram, and I may be doing - I haven't a clue, but I shall post the results:)

Really enjoying Yarnstorm blog

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