Friday, July 21

I am a Von Trap

Having my camera with me at all times has really paid off today - I was in Matalan with Beatrice (spontaneous trip out ) and we spotted this chair (see photo). She knew her Mum would love it, so I took a couple of shots and off we went back to HQ where after tea and cake (a very superior and fine banana cake) I was dropped off home, and Beaty and Mum drove off into the direction of Bognor Regis. I was ready to be deposited back as trying on of clothes is best done on a cooler day but needs must and I have ended up with my Von Trap skirt - in a size 10 or 12 it would look trendy and edgy, but on me it is verging on the theatrical, but you know what? I'm past caring

If you zoom in on the Love in the Mist there is a little ladybird.

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