Sunday, July 9

I Don't Believe It!

I am really going to try and find out how to lay my page out better, I do apologize for this rag bag of an entry today.

I weighed myself this morning, on digital scales, and in the week I have been on the Food Doctor Diet I have lost 3 1/2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! I have never lost that much in the first week of any diet before. It has really boosted my resolve to keep it up - there is a positive pay off for giving up sugar.

In Chichester earlier, and I bought (in the sale) a silk scarf from Monsoon which I plan to use as a belt to keep my black linen trousers up. I bought 2 actually. I think it may make me look a little theatrical, but I won't leave home wearing it, it's for flopping about the house and garden in. I've never been very good with belts.................

The photo is of my mother's smoke tree - not sure what it's proper name is, but I do like it, and want one.

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