Tuesday, July 25

I'm Not Doing it Right

I could say that about a number of aspects of my life but on this occasion I'm talking about my blog!
I went looking for help last night and found blog tips.I knew what the expert was saying was right, for instance if you don't get comments, probably no one is reading your blog.
So I have been thinking hard, and I have decided I need to stop writing about my life as no one is interested. All successful blogs are nice happy reads, and mine isn't. I'm going to try and talk about my craft activities, and occasionally my only child/pet Darcy.

I'm not expecting to receive blogger of the year, best new comer, or the person most likely to succeed! I'm laughing at that last one, as so will Imogen.

This is a bit depressing for me as I had wanted this just to be about whatever entered my head, but I guess what's in there is not mainstream enough for most palettes.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    oh goodness, I don't think you should change your style - perhaps nobody was reading because no one has found it yet -there are, after all, about 9,456,879 out there - maybe more.

    I'm loving your blog.

    yu probably have heaps of readers by now though. This is a pretty old archive I'm readin at the moment - I'm just too lazy to go back and check. Besides, my plea not to change is a bit late, isn't it. I can only hope you procrastinate.


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