Sunday, July 23

The Cat's Mother!

Stella is going to adopt a cat called Tennyson! I am amazed as she has never progressed past the odd rodent, and so a cat is a HUGE step; however this cat will be fantastic for her as it hardly does anything - and I mean anything! hardly wees and poos! How can that be? All my animals have excreted their own body weight on a daily basis, so I'm happy Imy's going to start with the perfect cat!

Then off to the Christening - Baby Mother's second - Fraser.

Now a revelation! You can go into Sainsbury's with a photo (of anything-my mind is boggling) and for 8 English pounds they will put it on a cake for you! The cakes included!And very nice it was too (forced to eat 2 pieces)

I was very taken with the font .

Social interaction is very exhausting.

Going back to the cake, the only down side is you eat a baby; and I somehow ended up cutting up the cake for everyone, so I cut up the baby - twice! (there were 2 cakes)

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