Thursday, August 17

Back to Plan A

If only I had a plan A. The bath is now back in the original position - my husband over ruled me! Well he didn't really as by the time our plumber said it was the last chance to change our minds I was still having the vapors but Nigel obviuolsy wasn't. That's why men rule the world. I know I can't have my linen cupboard but not very dream can be realized in one person's life time.
Even though I have no hot water and chaos everywhere I just love having things done to the house.
In a few days I shall have an outside tap (Oh happy day) and I start watering things - I won't specify what exactly, just things.........

This is another felt flower - the button on it is from my Granny's button box, and the black felt I made by boiling up a shawl, like you do. I am aware it's upside down.

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