Friday, August 18

You can't beat nuts on top of a cake - cherry and almond, cherries have sunk despite being washed and dried. However I'll get over it. 5 eggs, it's a BIG tray bake.

I have a bath, I have hot water, and I have an outside tap. I am a very lucky girl. Later I shall be a very clean one!

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  1. hello there...i've just read your ENTIRE blog :) it's LOVELY! it'll definitely be on my daily read list...i need to see the finished bathroom, more baking, your crafty projects, pics of harry & darcey and please feel free to talk F&B paints again (i love them too)

    funny thing this blogging...i'm a new kid on the block & have only really had a few comments so far (including those by encouraged relatives!)'s so nice to hear from someone else out there!

    have a lovely weekend x kelly

    p.s. another mr bosco photo on the way soon


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