Wednesday, August 23

Before, During....

Thanks to my lovely plumber, Mr R, I have had an introduction to Willy Wonker and son, master plasterers.More good news - no, great news, their radio is broken and so apart from bits of my house falling down around me I hardly knew they were here.And ground sheets were laid down, and they cleaned up all the mess!

The Mess!

More great news, Stella's extremely talented brother has agreed to do my next phase of home improvements. He speaks my language, and is a perfectionist - I guess it runs in the family, I'm so happy. His first project is my bathroom. I have compiled a HUGE list of jobs, plus today when I was watching Judge Judy (the shame)I went through all my "inspiration pages" (torn form housey magazines) and pulled all the things out I think he might make for me (and Stella)

This is Stella's new pussy cat. Well technically he's second hand; I guess you could call him vintage! Yesterday he misbehaved himself at the vets, sinking his teeth and drawing blood of one of the veterinary assistants - he later wrote a card apologising for his lapse in good behavior.


  1. at least you have the excuse not to dust for a while :)

    how lovely to be flicking through inspiration pages & even better to know a talented man who can be unleashed on the project! we had our bathroom done last was a sad day when the avacado suite got thrown in the skip but hey-ho...we had to go our separate ways one day!! we now have all white...bliss!

    cute cat...what's his name? x

  2. Pussy cat's name is Tennyson - which he doesn't respond too, so my friend calls him cat which he does!


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