Thursday, August 24

Inside and Out

I have finally decided to paint the bathroom in Farrow & Ball's shaded white (No.201) It also happens to be the shade of white I chose for the exterior of the house. Naturally ( I say naturally as if you've ever used F&B you know how the colours are so light sensitive)the colour looks completely different in every room of the house. I did think to paint the inside of the "conservatory" in it, so when looking from the garden the interior blended with the outside but it looks quite depressing in there.

Stella has been at her sewing machine zipping up more bags. I can't wait to see them. She makes slight design modifications that make them better than ever, as a bag has to function well in addition to looking pleasing. We all have bags we've fallen in love with only to find we don't ever use them because this bit isn't right, or there's nowhere to put....


  1. F&B choice sounds good! i agree how amazingly different the paint can look depending on the light...i painted our bathroom tongue & groove in F&B lime white after buying/trying about 5 sample pots. i'm really pleased with how it looks against the "normal" cheap white that's on the walls above...i even thought that it wouldn't be enough of a contrast but with a couple of coats it looks lovely! will do a post in homage to F&B one day with a pic!

    my mum's just given me an old chair which is crying out for a paint makeover so i'm hoping to seek out a new F&B for the job :)

    good to catch up on your latest. x

  2. Lime White is my favourite colour, I have it everywhere!
    I have T&G in several places, in fact I just can't get enough of it!
    Treat yourself to the £10 F&B shade guide, it's fantastic. Friends will scoff, but they will also want to borrow it.


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