Saturday, August 19

I am still recovering from a visit this morning from Willy Wonker. Well, that's what my plumber calls him, I called him Mr Williams. For a tidy sum he and a side kick will disrupt my house for 3 days next week and plaster everything that hasn't already been done. Except they will have to return to make good what the carpenter will do the week after - timing has never been one of my strong points - well to be fair to myself trying to manage trades is very difficult.
I have learnt that to get the best out of them you need to work with how they operate. I am flexible and easy going, so I just try and go with the flow. This is my home, and I want the best for it. I'm asked if I am turning this development round quickly for resale - seems to me there is standard for a "development" and another if you're going to live in the house.

Anyway, here the nice bit, my Farrow and Ball tester pots have come out of retirement, and I now have to choose a shade of nothing as my husband likes to say for the bathroom.

Any suggestions?

The tiles will be on a theme of white. Cheap and white. I had expensive and cream in the kitchen so Hubkins has cottoned on to my expensive taste in ceramics
The room is west facing,and is flooded with natural light.

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