Friday, August 4

Money down the ...

I need to make a confession - I am suffering from root ingression - well not me personally, but my DRAINS.
I feel like the great unwashed as I have now seen down my troubled manhole - roots everywhere,and other stuff..............
On Monday I am having a camera put down them to find the source of the problem, £200 and counting - it's only money.
However since the drain man jetted my pipes yesterday the stagnant water smell that has troubled me for the last few weeks has gone; Stella won't have to come round and sniff areas of my kitchen to find the source, she now just has to hear my near hysterical rabblings of how my drains will be the death of me.

Just taken the photo of Harry - he has a funny looking face as he was barking at his dinner bowl that was in my left hand.

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