Tuesday, August 1

Wanted Japanese Computer Geek

Today I shall try and fiddle with the settings and see if I can improve the look of this blog - I need a computer geek for half an hour - I only want a few simple changes; but meantime I will "play".

As it's cooler I'm going to be doing some extreme housework and baking today - therefore putting my husband in a good mood so I can break the news I have bought another Japanese craft book, aprons!

There is something very addictive about them, but really they are purely eye candy as all the instructions are in - Japanese. For me they are inspiration, not to copy. They are a starting point.

I have a thing for aprons - always have, so I'm quite excited about making something a little different. Saying that, yesterday I ordered one from Sarah Smith I bought some of her cleaning cloths for Stella as her new charge has been sick in the front room, and I naturally felt guilty............ They are gay and bright, and I'm sure machine washable - the apron, not the cleaning cloths - of course they are, but not once cat sick has touched them.

This was taken the other day when the sea was so calm, I wanted to walk right in, it was just the seaweed that prevented me.

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