Wednesday, August 2

What We Need is a Plan

Stella came over today and we discussed our crafting activities - or lack of them.
Over coffee and cake (see photo) we decided that we will both make at least one thing a week, and design something new every fortnight. As it's the design that we both enjoy, I think this is definitely do - able, but what we really need is to see where we're going with it - and that's where our problem lies.

And this is one of the Golly's Stella has made - exquisite!

This is Stella's Golly collection which she inherited from her late mother - in - law who was an avid collector of many things........

Anyway, here is the bag that Stella has just finished using Kaffee Fassett for Rowan fabric, and linen which my friend Louise sourced for me at an incredible price. It is absolutely beautiful, Stella has excelled herself.

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