Wednesday, September 27

Family Planning

My husband and I have decided to have 3 new fish. We're going to buy them tomorrow - I plan to let him choose as I believe fish to be more of a man thing, but I may have to influence him if he is looking at gaudy common looking fish. When I say I'm letting him choose I mean I'll let him choose if it corresponds with my choice.
I haven't told him about the coat - Stella and I visited Gap in Brighton today , it was full of temptations, and I foolishly tried on a green moleskin coat - we bonded is hiding in my bijou wardrobe..............
Work in progress.


  1. oh dear...our poor husbands! if only they knew what we're up to :) the gap coat sounds dreamy! autumn clothes are the best! x

  2. I have made a full and frank confession - and he's OK about it, however it's no coincidence I did 2 hours of ironing yesterday!
    I think he knows what I get up to, but turns a blind eye to it;)


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