Thursday, September 28

Names needed

Any suggestions for names for my new babies? Answers on a postcard to Gigibird...

Netting has been on, and now off as it looks hideous - I wanted black, ended up with white. I don't care that it cost £7.99 I don't want it if it looks awful - naturally if six become 5, or 4 then I shall have to reconsider.

Poor photo but look on the brick and you'll see my little waif - she/he is all alone as it's been shunned from the sparrow flock and is now living in my garden. She's (looks like a girl) quite tame and has very little common sense - it's only a matter of time before...........


  1. I think you should call the biggest fish Neptune!

  2. Neptune it is - However I do think the big one is a girl

  3. Re: ongoing fisht discussion, I think, if you have a particularly tattooed fish or even a small speckled one you should consider Queequeg. After all he is the significant other hero of Moby.

  4. hello lynn! long time no comment...soz! if there are any fish babies left to be named (or indeed alive after the net removal!) may i suggest PUMPKIN in honour of the season & colour?

    hope your little waif is still out & about your garden...v sweet :)

  5. Laura wants a fish to be called Zsa Zsa, any chance? There always has to be one floozy!!!!

  6. OK, Queequeg, Pumpkin, Zsa Zsa, Moby, Dick, and Neptune it is!!
    I shall post all their idvidual photos shorty.


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